Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Presentation + Photos

Recent acquisitions from the Museum of the Lost and Found Poster present the images in a poetic way. The dark background and spotlight lighting suggest a museum environment.

Birth of Consumerism presents the parts and pieces and how they are put together. This is an informational response and presents the piece as a product.

By altering the photograph slightly, the 3 dimensional model reads as less of a three dimensional space and more as an interpretive image.

Good lighting is essential to your photos. The scale of objects is represented by showing hands. A clean background makes the bright colors pop. The higher camera view gives an overview.

A lower camera angle makes you feel like you are there.

This complementary image further underscores the attitude of the company. These photos were presented in a book format that looked like a clothing catalogue. Check out more of Ben’s project on his website.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Visual System

These are examples by “Always with Honor”. Elsa and Tyler are former ringling grads and are doing some fresh work. These projects demonstrate how to think of a cohesive visual system. The systems here include flat and simplified to complex and dimensional. The final example brings in an element of texture. Think of how an alphabetic system works with a limited number of strokes: straight, curve, straight/curve, diagonal. Details need to be considered too. Are the lines ending with square or round ends? Remove all parts that are not necessary and only include the parts that give the form its essence.

Graphic systems:
share a simple language of line
positive and negative shape
details to mass