Friday, December 10, 2010

Spring 2010 Projects Completed

Each piece on the globe attaches with magnets. The interchangeable system allows complete freedom to customize your vision of the world. Includes water, terrain, factories, tanks, houses, skyskrapers, trees whole and cut, and dinosaurs.

Emily's visit to a family owned tree farm inspired her to explain sustainable logging–people, processes, and products.

Ximena designed a project where each flower on the tree represents an emotion. The flowers are picked and read like a small book. Each tells a story.

Jordan designed a game called “mini nation”. The conflict is between government and business owners.

Valentina Designed a series of nesting boxes encouraging introspection and self reflection.

Nicole’s project was posted on Strictly Paper. She combined her love of fashion, photography and paper into compelling images. Her inspiration was animal skins, horns, and claws.

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