Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fortunato Depero: Unified Visual Language

Italian designer, Fortunato Depero worked from 1914 through 1955 and depicted figures and environments in the manner of futurism. The expressive qualities of the simple geometric forms are emphasized by dynamic angles and unexpected placement of buildings in the environment. The people and the environments share a cohesive visual language of form and color.

If citizens, or accessories are designed to live in the ”Flat City“ make sure they continue the visual form you have created. This way all the parts will feel unified, like they all belong to the same idea.

The imagery you design and apply to the forms can communicate a few different ways. You could communicate just what is there. In other words the form looks like what it is, but why not entertain some other ways you could communicate? What if the graphics depicted what was going on inside, or around the form? What if it was purely typographic?

Remember covering a three dimensional form with an even pattern or texture will visually flatten the shape. Differentiating between surfaces and planes will accentuate the form.

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