Thursday, October 9, 2008

What to do with a Sheet of Paper

Success in making anything improves as you understand what your materials like to do. we compiled a list in class of what can we do to a sheet of paper, and the properties of paper. first of all most paper has a grain. It is best to fold with the grain of the paper. If you don’t your edges will crack. To find the grain direction you can lightly fold the paper, do not crease, and press down. The paper will give more resistance going against the grain. You can cut a small strip of paper and wet it. The paper will curl with the grain

properties of paper:

weight, transparency, surface texture, color or tone, synthetic or organic material

things you can do to paper

cut, fold, score, tear, perforate, punch, crumple, soak, burn, rip, emboss, layer, make marks upon, stab, scratch, weave, cast ( paper pulp ).

some paper categories
1) commercially milled paper
usually there is a minimum order. commercial printers order paper from mills.
2) specialty paper
includes decorative and hand made papers.
3) upcycled paper
for instance, when junk mail is made into wallets.
4) paper objects
includes paper products that are mass produced.

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